Interactions: Plant Propagation
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  Coprosma Pollen      
Title: Coprosma Pollen
Catalog Number: TBC
Description: Coprosma flowers dispersing pollen in the wind, Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Waikanae
  Parapara Fruit      
Title: Parapara Fruit
Catalog Number: TBC
Description: Parapara fruit is covered with a very tacky coating which lets it stick to the feathers of birds that come to feed in the shrub. The Fruit is so sticky that insects and sometimes small birds get caught. Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Waikanae
  Seeds Dispersing      
Title: Seeds Dispersing
Catalog Number: TBC
Description: Tecomanthe seeds dispersing in the wind. Many trees and shrubs have seeds that are light enough to be blown long distances by the wind, this enabling them to colonise new areas. Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Waikanae
  Silvereye on Fuchsia      
Title: Silvereye on Fuchsia
Catalog Number: TBC
Description: Silvereye feeding on Fuchsia flowers. In the process this bird is transferring the distinctive blue fuchsia pollen from one flower to another. Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Waikanae
  Bumble Bee & Pollen      
Title: Bumble Bee & Pollen
Catalog Number: TBC
Description: Bumble Bee with pollen sacks attached to its back legs. It is gathering pollen from Kowhai flowers and fertilising them as it moves from flower to flower. Nga Manu Nature Reserve, Waikanae.
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